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The current cleaning and personal-cleansing industry relies upon a variety of chemicals and compounds that are added as aromatic agents. Many of our chemically sensitive customers have experienced immune responses to these chemicals that are described as allergic reactions. This chemical exposure has been linked to aggravated eczema conditions from skin contact and asthma flare-ups due to inhalation. As we are exposed to these chemicals and compounds on a daily basis our immune systems are bombarded to the point where unwanted side-effects are now common-place.
Almost every house in many parts of the world now have containers with liquids or powders displaying "caution" labels warning us of their potential dangers. Recent studies by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) have reported that the average American household generates 15 pounds of hazardous waste each year. The substances identified and studied in the research are included in products such as disinfectants, bleach, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, dry cleaning fluids, aerosols, turpentine or white spirits, air fresheners, paint strippers, paints and varnishes.

Please visit the FAQ page to view a list of some household chemicals that the EPA suggest families be on the lookout for, and where they are found.

Our home cleaning products have been tested in homes, not on animals. We never have and never will test our products on animals. All of the cleaning products contain 100% natural ingredients, no chemicals, artificial preservatives, fillers, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, ammonia and no toxins.
Om Veda Naturals offers non-toxic and natural cleaning choices that are SAFE, POWERFUL and GREEN because when it comes to keeping your home clean and the earth safe, you shouldn't have to choose. When you use Om Veda Natural Products you're never simply cleaning, you are actively making your family healthier.