Our Mission

To provide a more natural and healthier life for everyone and anyone. All products are designed to work without compromise, and are gentle on the mother Earth. We are committed to provide safe, clean planet for our next generation and beyond. With your help we can commit to providing a safer and cleaner planet for our next generation and beyound.

Our Philosophy

To bring our customers products that inspires them to live a better life by being better to themselves.

Make products that care for you and your overall well-being. We take a mind, body and spirit approach to personal care.

Our Promise

We will not conduct animal testing and never use animal ingradients in our products.

We will not buy any ingradients from suppliers who conduct animal tesing.

Humanity has typically been bound to the earth since the beginning of it's existence and as a result is equally bound to all the natural and man-made chemicals that the plants, animals and minerals in the environment offers. Being exposed on a daily basis to the pollutants that have been building for over a century in the food, water and air supply has seen a rise in the number of cancers and auto-immune disorders.

The driving force behind the creation of Om Veda Naturals was to counteract the significant contribution to the synthetic chemical build-up that the personal care products manufacture and use is responsible for in our daily lives.

Om Veda Naturals takes a more symbiotic path in the world with the creation of its product line using only Organic Products that break back down naturally in the environment and lessening our impact on the world around us.

ALL of our products are created from ingredients made by plants and not manufactured in plants...